Rhubarb Strawberry Crumb Bars

2013-06-20 07.48.11

There have been many great pairs in history: Simon & Garfunkel, Jay-Z and Beyonce, peanut butter and jelly, tomato and mozzarella, tequila and lime…But none matter more to me in the summer than strawberry and rhubarb, the Bert & Ernie of produce. The bitter bite of rhubarb brings out the sweet, juiciness of the strawberry, maximizing both of their flavor potential and causing me to reach for one too many slices of whatever pastry they have been stuffed inside. After my 100th trip to the Lincoln Park Farmer’s Market this year, I finally walked home with a bundle of rhubarb, intent on satisfying my craving before rhubarb season comes to an abrupt close.

I settled on this recipe from White on Rice Couple because streusel topping is another one of my many (read: millions of) weaknesses. I would suggest leaving the bars in the oven a little longer than the recommended 50-55 minutes. My middle was slightly underdone, but it might have been because of my overzealous use of strawberries. But done right, the moist cake sandwiches the dynamic R&S duo with such ease that making this last more than two days will be difficult.

2013-06-19 20.50.08

2013-06-19 21.02.02

2013-06-19 22.43.51

3 thoughts on “Rhubarb Strawberry Crumb Bars

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